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The best property deals in Bangkok move quickly; many in less than 24-hours and most properties are not posted online.

Get access to the best off-market properties in Bangkok.

Bangkok Condo Sales, Rentals & Management
We help our clients, buy, sell, lease and manage their Bangkok properties.

The best property deals in Bangkok move quickly; many in less than 24-hours and most properties are not officially posted online. Our staff has access to off-market properties. Complete the form below with your requirements to receive the latest properties available. 


Bangkok Property can one of the soundest and most rewarding investments when done wisely. You have probably heard the saying that when it comes to property, there are three major factors to consider; location, location and location. We work closely with analysts, market leaders, and consultants to provide the most up-to-date property investment information to help you make the most calculated and informed decisions. In the Bangkok property market, knowledge is Power; Power to make well-informed and quick decisions, to get the right results, to save you time effort and most of all…Money. However; that knowledge is limited if you are not schooled in the things pertaining to that market and this would lead to the possibilities of making impulsive, wrong and costly decisions. We empower would-be property buyers, sellers, investors, landlords and tenants in making all the right decisions through working with professionals best suited to your requirements. What we do:

  • We provide an independent and objective view of the market.
  • Identify suitable properties, Primarily off market or direct with developers or landlords.
  • Use our expertise, contacts and knowledge to assist you in sourcing the best deals.
  • Handle all aspects of the negotiations on your behalf.
  • Provide ongoing property management services.
  • Prevent you from making wrong decisions that may be very costly.

What We Don’t Do:

  • Just give you a list of what is on the market.
  • Pressure you into a property that is not right for you.
  • Have any conflicts of interest.
  • Tell you just what you want to hear.
  • Work without a retainer fee.