Bangkok Luxury Property and Quality Investment

The vibrant city of Bangkok has long been a desirable destination both for those who want to live in a diverse and beautiful city and those who want to invest in desirable property. The shopping, street life and the ornate temples attract hundreds of thousands of people each year.

However, it is not just a great place to live and visit. Large-scale investment by the Thai Government in infrastructure ensures that this is a city that can definitely compete with other capital cities around the world.

Add the appeal of the city as a desirable place to live and the long-term plans for growth by the Thai government and you will understand when the real estate market in Bangkok is going from strength to strength. Major companies are creating bases in the city, six-star luxury hotels are opening regularly and the city now features some of the largest and most impressive shopping malls. The central business district of the city – Sukhumvit – is now served by the skytrain and subway and has become home to some of the world’s most recognisable brands. World-class restaurants and bars have helped to create the vibrant social scene in the city, attracting these executives who want to let off some steam at the end of the day.

The prime areas of the city no longer have a lot of available land, which has created strong competition among property developers. Land prices are on the rise and this means that prices are set to rise even further, particularly in the downtown areas. Bangkok Living can introduce you to some of the most desirable areas in which to live and invest including the following:


Right on the edge of the Sukhumvit area, Ploenchit is one of the most prestigious areas of the city. There is everything that you could possibly want here from luxury shopping options to some of the finest office space. Luxury hotels have also been opened in this part of the city and real estate is soon snapped up.


This is the heart of the transportation links in the city, with airport railway links, skytrain and subway all found here. From this part of the city you can get to most of the city. Investing in property in this part of Bangkok means that you are right in the centre of the latest developments.

Phrom Phong

As one of the most multi-cultural districts of the city, this area is particularly attractive to western expats. With some of the best shopping areas in the city and right in the heart of the business district, there are plenty of leisure attractions such as parks and restaurants. Luxury and designer boutiques line the side streets and are very popular with foreign residents.


This is the newest commercial and business district in the city, filled with shiny new offices and packed with young executives. It is still an affordable part of the city for property investment but it will not be long before the property prices catch up with other parts of the city. Prime real estate here is ideally located for travelling on the airport railway link and for getting to Sukhumvit.


This is considered to be the trendiest of Bangkok’s various different neighborhoods. The area is lively day and night, with the arty and the creative working here during the day and the streets coming alive with restaurant-goers at night. The proximity to the city centre is another advantage to this area and there are new buildings being constructed all the time.

Bangkok Living can help you to find property in any and all of these areas of the city, along with several others. The fast-growing nature of the property market in Bangkok means that keeping up to date with developments in the property market will be so much easier with local property experts such as Bangkok Living. Even with the rise in property prices here, Bangkok still represents amazing value for money when compared to places such as Hong Kong and Singapore. Now is the right time to invest – allow Bangkok Living to guide you in the right direction.