Buying a Condo in Bangkok

Are you thinking about buying a condo in Bangkok for investment rental returns?

Bangkok is similarly the size of London both in population and area, yet much of Bangkok is still to be developed with large parcels of land available for development and built up areas gentrifying.

Foreign investors are flooding to Bangkok buying up condos with such excitement they are often forgetting the main principles of property investing: “location, location, location” often paying prime location prices for undesirable and sometimes unheard of locations, leaving them left with properties that are hard to lease and resell.

When we are making recommendations to our clients looking for investment properties for both rental returns and capital gains, we try to keep the criteria consistently simple focusing on properties within 300 – 500 meters of prime transportation stations BTS or MRT and freehold properties in primarily leasehold locations. This has enabled us to maintain a high rental yield and occupancy rate for our managed properties.

Our also strategy perfectly matches risk-averse investors when usually purchase one or several units to rent out in order to generate a steady long-term income