Buying old or new condos in Bangkok ?

Most working professionals in Bangkok would now prefer a modern type condominium right in the middle of the city they find for sale. Most of them would usually prefer new models with a very wide space. There are only a few of them who would prefer an older type of condo, with smaller space yet generally the older condos for sale have much larger space.

But when you check out those real estate advertisements about condominiums around Bangkok, you might notice that most of them were modern types with small spaces. In actual fact, those old models of condominiums in Bangkok have much bigger space as compared to those newer units. A good example is the Sukhumvit Soi 59 which comprises of two buildings, both new and old. These two buildings are located not too far from each other. Now, when you take a closer look of these two buildings, and determine the difference, here is what you will find out: The old building, built around the 1990s, is well equipped with facilities like pool, sauna, a beautiful garden, and a very wide space for relaxing as well as a 24-hour security. The price for each condominium units here with floor area of 202 square meters would range around 50,000 baht per month. On the other hand, the new building, completed just this year, have also the same facilities with the old one, like pool, sauna and garden area with 24 hour security as well, is being priced for 45,000 up to 50,000 baht per month. And the units are merely 70 square meters which is way too small as compared to those condominium units in the old building.

Just by looking at this scenario, you will realize the great difference between the two buildings. See, for almost the same price, you could get a huge condominium unit if you prefer renting on the old building.

A smaller unit for sale in the new building with about 42 square meters is being offered for 20,000 baht per month, as opposed to a 63 square meter condominium unit on the old building. Bothe units are equipped with modern furniture and facilities. But yet, there are people who are interested on renting a much bigger space condominium unit in a new building, harder to find. So they are curious to find out if it’s possible to rent a unit with bigger space in a modern condominium building. While this may be possible, there are actually some sacrifices that come with it. Like there is a condominium unit for sale in a completely modern building for 40,000 baht per month, and a space of 135 square meters. While the price might be acceptable for you, the location might not be convenient on your part. This modern building is actually located far from the City proper, so you will have to spend on gas each time you travel to your workplace in Bangkok. Or if you don’t have car, commuting daily is way too inconvenient. So basically, there are certain conditions when it comes to choosing a huge and modern condominium unit.

And because of this reality, a number of Bangkok working professionals would rather stay in an old condominium complex that have huge spaces, instead of renting on those sprawling modern condominium buildings that are way too expensive. There is really nothing wrong with staying in an old building for as long as it is well equipped with all the modern facilities.

However, for most foreigners visiting Bangkok for only a few months, staying in a modern condominium is ideal for them. Most of them would not really mind staying in a small condominium unit, for as long as it is clean, modern and are equipped with the most modern facilities. In addition, most of these foreign individuals, especially those coming from the United States or in Europe would not mind spending a lot, for as long as they get their money’s worth. In the case of most of Bangkok’s working professionals who are earning just an average income, it seems impractical for them to stay in a very expensive building knowing that they could actually buy a much cheaper condominium unit that have the same facilities. But regardless of the type of unit you choose though, always keep in mind that it is best to buy a unit that’s within your budget.