Cheap Condos for Sale in Bangkok

There are cheap condos for sale in Bangkok if your on a budget
Many people like to assume that it can cost an incredibly large amount of money to get a condo for sale in Bangkok. Yes it can cost millions of baht to get a condo for sale in some areas and in some buildings. Fortunately, it will be easy for anyone to find a decent condo that will be a little easier to afford. There are several different cheap and inexpensive condos that people can find around the Bangkok area.

Size of condo matters when considering condos for sale
Many of the cheap condos for sale in Bangkok are smaller properties. These are ones that will feature one bedroom or more likely a studio with a series of different convenient selling features. They can include enough space for a walk-in kitchen or a walk-in living area among other features. If your lucky you may have a lanai. The space ranges from 40 to 100 square meters.Good Things come in small packages

These cheap condos in Bangkok will have a smaller square meter area to work with. This is because many condo buildings around Bangkok are built with these smaller cheaper condo lifestyles in mind. These are often small areas, but adequate spots that are used solely as a means of creating a unique environment that is attractive while making sure that people are going to have places to live in. This is especially important for a large city like Bangkok where the needs for living accommodations have gone up in the last few years.

This does not mean that the bathroom will be neglected. A bathroom should be included in any of these cheap condos. An inexpensive condo will generally come with only one bathroom nothing fancy, maybe only a shower. A cheap condo in Bangkok proper may simply be a studio edition with enough space to eat,sleep, shower and store a few thing. This also may not be designed for or used as a primary residency. This for many can be city get away or place to stay in the city during the work week. Some Thais for example may have a these small accommodations so they can stay in Bangkok during the work week and go to their main home on weekends. This is convenient for use and easy to clean and organised. So there are these advantages to consider, nothing is worse than having too large a place which you have to clean each day when you have a busy life.

The condos are cheaper in more remote areas
Some cheap condos can be found in more sparsely populated sections of Bangkok or near some of the outskirts of the city. This will not include areas like Thong Lor, Ekkamai, On Nut among a variety of more expensive areas. If one moves towards the airport the condos are cheaper. Some of these are not well serviced by the train systems. Yet if you look around or you may be able to find a great deal in a more popular area.

Of course one point about finding a cheap condos for sale, and its smaller living areas is its easy to organise and clean. For a busy professional this may be an advantage. They will feature less than a hundred square metres in size. This is convenient for use. So there are these advantages to consider, nothing is worse than having too large a place which you have to clean each day full of space you never use.

Some amenities might be included in these condos. However, the number of amenities that are featured in cheap condos around Bangkok will be relatively minimal. It is true that condo buildings around Bangkok feature pools, security support and communal parking areas among several spots. Theses amenities that are offered in cheaper areas might end up being reduced. Yet suprisingly a lot of the low end condos have these for their residents.

Overall, the values of these cheap condos can end up being substantially lower investment grade. For example, a person might find a sixty square metre property that will be worth around 120 thousand baht in an ok area. Yet this will be affordable for anyone in Bangkok. At that price it quite liveable. Yet do not expect to sell at a great profit. There simply is not much of a margin for these units.

Non furnished of course is cheaper
The last thing to see about these properties is that cheap condos are not necessarily decorated to where they are incredibly attractive. A person will have to add one’s own items to a property if it is going to look appealing or unique. Fortunately, it should not take too long to get properties like these decorated as quickly as possible. reasonable condo in BangkokA tenant at one of these condos usually will have the right to make one’s own alterations provided that they are within the boundaries that a homeowner’s association. Some rules will be applied varying by space, building and a host of other factors.Yet most will allow you to fix it up and decorate nicely.

These are great points to use when finding good properties around the Bangkok area. Condos in Bangkok do not have to be as expensive as they might sound. They will be affordable if the right options are searched for as quickly as possible. It is a good idea to take a look at cheaper options when finding something that is affordable and unique. Cheap Condos for Sale in Bangkok can be found and please allow us at Bangkok Living to show you around. Our agents speak english and are familiar with the market.