Bangkok Property Developer Consultancy

Services for Bangkok Property Developers

Bangkok Living specialises in assisting developers to realise maximum gross development revenues through the delivery of careful and considered consultancy. This consultancy is a culmination of real estate development and marketing experience spanning eight years trading in South East Asia, coupled with ongoing feedback from a worldwide bank of seriously sophisticated clients.

Our clients are made up of fund managers, professional investment syndicates and private investors. The collective and continuous dialogue between these clients and Bangkok Living
provides invaluable market information. It is rather like one huge, ongoing focus group.

Consultancy for new projects generally would begin with a process of ‘reverse engineering’ of a developer’s core investment offer. Reverse engineering in simple terms means starting with a checklist of investors requirements, demands and typical wishes, and working backwards to ensure that the investment offer in question exactly meets (and exceeds) those very same requirements, demands and wishes. By meeting and exceeding the needs and wants of the developer’s target market, sales can occur in volume, regardless of global economic influences.

Bangkok Living provides guidance on unit pricing, marketing and sales strategy, legal structuring and contractual detail, rental schemes and the overall ‘look and feel’ of the developments.

This process also works for the benefit of those clients who are constantly seeking out solid investment opportunities, but who are frequently disappointed to find flaws with what they are being offered. Projects that Bangkok Living provides consultancy for, if that advice is taken up by the developer, are rarely rejected by professional investors on the grounds that they are flawed in any way.