Bangkok Developer Discounts on Condos

What is “Developer’s Discount”?

Before the official launch and in order to raise awareness about its new projects, property developers usually organize a pre-sales event – or soft launch. The advantages of buying at this stage are considerable since a) investors can enjoy priority unit choice and thus, get the best units and b) developers provide property Buyers with unbeatable ‘Early Bird discounts’ that they will not give once the project will be officially launched and known to the general public. Discounts can reach 10% to 15% depending on the unit type and number of units bought.

Therefore, once the project is officially launched a few days or weeks later, an investor’s unit could already be worth 10% more and this gives the opportunity for people to get a 10% cash-on-cash return quickly.

Enjoy developer’s discount during pre-sales of a project, thus allowing you to increase your Return on Investment.

Get your exclusive invitation to attend private pre-sales events.

Receive first hand information about upcoming pre-developed projects including: eBrochure, floor plans, unit layouts, and discounted launching prices.

Priority unit choice & selection on launching date.

Property developers usually ask for a deposit in order to attend the event. In fact, in order to effectively screen the audience and only gather the most committed potential buyers, they may ask for a deposit worth no more than THB20,000 (about US$600) refundable in case an investor would not purchase any unit during the event.

This is a common requirement here in Southeast Asia and is in no way a sales confirmation. As previously explained, this is just a way to bring in truly committed potential investors to keep the pre-launch exclusive.

Will there be any penalty fee in case I would not buy a unit during the pre-sales event?

No. If you decide not to buy, the cheque will be returned to you without any fee.

Would it any cheaper to go directly to the developer instead of using Bangkok Living ?

No. Investors would not be able to get cheaper prices or bigger discounts. The reason is simple: developers need agencies as much as agencies need developers. Projects usually have hundreds of units to sell and this is why they need as many agents as possible to sell out the project quickly.