Difference between a Condos and Apartments in Bangkok

In Bangkok, a building that is for residents which is owned by one person or a company is what we call an apartment building. That means the renters are not owners and they rent from the owner such as the company which owns it. Every apartment is available for rent and this is managed by the company. So to purchase an apartment for sale in the pure sense of the definition you would be purchasing the apartment building with all the units.

On the other hand a condo is a building in which each unit is owned individually by the residents. Condo units can be for sale or lease , so when you buy a condo for sale you buy the individual unit. These fall under the condo laws of Thailand while the apartments do not.

An apartment typically is a long term 1 year, or rarely 6 month terms. Utilities such as electric and water are not usually included.

Condos have a monthly condo fees and each unit may be responsible for their own utilities cable etc depending on the arrangement of the condo association.

Apartment building for sale are typically not available to foreigners as individuals. However the foreign owned Thai corporation may be able to make such a purchase of commercial property.

Like all flourishing modern cities, Bangkok is experiencing a population surge as its stable economy has been drawing investors from around the world as well as locals who have quickly filled up the city’s job market. Urbanization has been rapid for Bangkok, and tourism remains a viable source of income. It’s little surprise that apartments for sale, Bangkok usually find themselves with new owners after only a short time.

Apartments, can also be known as condominiums or flats, are exclusive living spaces located in high-rise buildings in the heart of Bangkok. Real estate developers built these apartment buildings as a means of giving Bangkok’s workforce, consisting mostly of young professionals, housing options. The goal was to offer the city’s residents a home that keep them near their workplace and the conveniences Bangkok has to offer without sacrificing privacy and comfort. The demand was there for these Apartments for sale and met.