Bangkok Property Management Services

Property Management Service

We are aware that it is essential to have a representative who can provide hassle-free property care and management solutions while investors are residing in another country.

We offer this special service to accommodate investors to manage their invested properties with services such as evaluating maintenance issues, coordinating with tenants for issues they have, coordination of monthly rental payments, consolidation and invoicing of utility expenses.

For new build properties we provide pre-transfer inspections, interior design, furniture and appliance purchasing.

Property Rental Leasing Management

Professionals at Bangkok Living offer systematic arrival and departure procedures for ultimate convenience of tenants, therefore assuring tranquil transactions.

Moreover aside from the conventional rental process via marketing channels and business alliances, to further embrace the diverse needs. We provide packages that deliver a variety of services to help facilitate you as a non-resident to rent out your property with a long-term contract.

We provide essential services to seek tenants such as property listings, advertising/marketing and consulting, comprehensive project presentation and unit viewings to potential agents and tenants, negotiation of lease terms and conditions on behalf of property owners to obtain the best possible deal.