Buying Property in Bangkok?

Bangkok has a similar population, as well as levels of energy and excitement, to London and New York but, due to rapid growth amidst very little urban planning and regulation, it also has very poor infrastructure. Buying property in any city can be daunting but, in Bangkok, knowing the city is crucial to making a wise investment choice. At Bangkok Condo Sales, we know our market and we can help you make the right decision for your individual circumstances.

Bangkok Condo Ownership
Foreigners can buy and hold Thai real estate through a variety of ownership structures and land titles. The three most common forms of ownership used by foreigners to hold Thai real estate are: leasehold, freehold through a condo title, and freehold through acquisition by a Thai company.

Condo Market Report – Bangkok
We regularly review the market and relevant statistics – please feel free to see our latest report or even why not register.